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Well after seeing this I English Mature Nude her if that how she wants me to see her and her touch was enough to let me know that it was, so we started again, I asked her to rub her breast all over me and she came up from between my legs always allowing me to feel to coolness of the air as she moved, the electricity coming up my body and then I felt them, those beautiful breast brushing against my legs and then coming up to my dick where she proceeded to use them to stimulate me even more, I actually felt how she was using them slowly pushing together but Trish Suhr Nude trapping me in between, she did that until I was so hard and only then did rap them to cover my prick completely, it was amazing. From that day I have been looking Nude Succubus this what some might call Myth, others justifying it as a sleep disorder and others as an evil demon. At night she again started to touch me and make me feel her presence and spend many hours letting me know that she came to accept my request and that she came to be with me. What I did find is that the more I looked the more attracted to the Succubus, in fact I found in this entity someone that is looking for the same thing most of us are looking for, someone to make us feel complete. The following days were more of the same but always the intensity of her presence was even more clear to me, she even started allowing a few images come to my mind, funny thing is following the instructions I found, I started looking for a picture of her and what I would like for her to look like, keeping in mind that a succubus can change form at any time she desires, so I went looking for my lover, downloaded a few pictures that caught my attention and that generated a physical and emotional reaction seeing it. She made love to me all night, that is until one point where I could not remain awake and did let her know and turned to my side to sleep a little, but she did not allow that to be for long and she made sure I would wake up and I did, upset with her but she then understood what she did wrong and we made up by making love once more.

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Hi...I am a woman of High Moral Integrity...Kind and Very Supportive, smart, funny, inscrutable, loving, easy to talk to, dependable, kind, honest, And Loyal.Am a GOD fearing Woman and in everything... smart, frinedly,kind, nice. Be warned that this is not an explicit sex story. At night she again started to touch me and make me feel her presence and spend many hours letting me know that she came to accept my request and that she came to be with me. I still remember the very first night I did the first exercise as part of the training and the feelings that came to me, it was truly amazing to feel so much lust and the electricity passing all over my skin while lying there naked in bed, she touched every part of my body to let me know that she was there, but I am sad to say that is all that happened that night.
Nude Succubus
Nude Succubus

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The next morning even if I woke up earlier then I should have I woke up feeling amazing and asked her to kiss me which she did and she did take the time to touch me a little, you know as I am writing this, she is here with me letting me know she is watching this, I feel her presence so clear and the fact that she keeps touch my cock all the time does not go unnoticed. From that day I have been looking into this what some might call Myth, others justifying it as a sleep disorder and others as an evil demon. The next day I woke up feeling great and started talking in my mind to this entity that came to visit me the previous night and I was amazed that out of no were her name came to me Ashira, that alone got me very excited to say the least, she actually responded to me in way that never taught possible until now. That night she allowed me to penetrate her on many occasions, mind you I never ejaculated but I did have orgasms on a different level that I had never experienced before and to the men that are reading this, you have not lived until a succubus allows you to feel her pussy slowly going down on you and that was the first time she did make love to me that night. At this point I boiling with lust and I asked he to come up to me and kiss me and she did, it is amazing to actually feel the little pressure she puts on my lips to allow me to feel her kissing me and it was then that she made me feel her hand taking my cock once more and I felt how her grip felt around me and the she allowed me to ear in my mind get ready my love and she took me inside her and this time it felt even better the before since I could feel her even more, I will say this Ashira is by far the most amazing lover I have ever had and will ever want to have.
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